Mediating the conflicts of aging

Baby Boomers are unique. Born during the dramatic increase in U.S. birth rates following World War II, you comprise one of the largest generations in our country’s history. The U.S. Census counted about 78 million of you in 2006.

And now the first wave of this generation is forging ahead into a new frontier. It’s just a fact of life. Whether you refer to it as aging, the next stage in life or going grey, you know what we mean. It is about the next stage within the life cycle.

Further complicating this experience for many of you is the added challenge of caring for aging parents and senior relatives. Their good health and life span exceed all expectations, creating a simultaneous double-whammy aging process: yours and theirs.

If not promptly and properly addressed, aging-related issues can create contentious situations within your family and other relationships, with the added potential for costly and unpleasant litigation.

Going Grey Matters founder Harriette M. Steinberg, Esq., and Harry Grabarz, Ph.D., offer multi-disciplinary mediation services designed to help you resolve these issues and disputes.

Leveraging hundreds of hours of mediation training, decades of elder law practice, and a deep interest in alternate forms of dispute resolution, Harriette M. Steinberg, Esq., sees interdisciplinary mediation as “the resolution process of choice for baby boomer individuals and their families who face the conflicts inherent in aging.”

Ms. Steinberg is a member of the New York State Bar Association; New York State Woman’s Bar Association; Nassau County Bar Association; National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys; and Nassau County Women’s Bar Association, where she chaired the Elder Law, Social Services, and Health Advocacy Committee and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

Harry Grabarz, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience working with children and their families, plus extensive training in advanced clinical techniques, mediation, and forensic consultations to family attorneys. His expertise in family dynamics augments Ms. Steinberg’s legal expertise, enabling them to offer a full scope of mediation services.

According to Dr. Grabarz, “Open and respectful communication helps family members hear and understand each other’s points of view, cope with the facts of aging, and reach mutually acceptable solutions. The resulting action plan we craft together will provide a positive direction for the family.”

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