Harry Grabarz, Ph.D.

Harry Grabarz has over 30 years of experience working with children and their families, plus extensive training in advanced clinical techniques, mediation, and forensic consultations to family attorneys. His expertise in family dynamics and training in mediation augments Ms. Steinberg’s legal expertise, enabling them to offer a full scope of mediation services.

In addition to earning his M.S.W. degree from Adelphi University and Ph.D. from Yeshiva University, Dr. Grabarz has post-doctoral training in advanced clinical techniques.  He is a Board Certified Diplomate; Board Certified Specialist in Practice with Children and their Families; trained family and child specialist in Collaborative Divorce; trained Mediator; and trained Parent Coordinator.

Dr. Grabarz has served on the faculties of the Graduate Schools of Social Service at Fordham University and Rutgers University. He has been a consultant to educational institutions on matters relating to child development, and to family attorneys on matters pertaining to forensic evaluations.